Cultural Exploration

Cultural Exploration

The fascinating Chinese culture of five thousand years has created countless miracles in the history of human civilization. With the rise of the economy, China has attracted more and more attention and respect from scholars, professors, and students.

The Culture Exploration project in ONPS aims to promote Chinese culture and helps the exchange between China and foreign countries. Now it already becomes the way for professors and students to understand Chinese culture.

We organized professors and students to try the movable type. They really enjoy this activity.

This summer, ONPS invites one of the famous calligraphers to introduce the origin and development of Chinese characters to international professors, and teach them calligraphy.

Sun Moon Lake is one of the eight famous viewpoints in Taiwan, many of the tourism came there because of its beautiful environment. Because of the different color in its water, it got the name of Sun Lake and Moon Lake. Recently, many of the tourism prefer to ride the bicycle around the lake.