Registration STEP1

1. Register ONPS student account at campus page. Press the register button on the top right corner to start or directly contact with our advisor.


2. Please enter your email address, wechat number, university and password, re-enter the password to comfirm.

Review Courses STEP2

1. Back to the ONPS home page, press the campus - target campus to get into the web page of the campus you like.

2. Take Taiwan Campus as an example: Press the Courses - Credit Courses at campus page to get into the Class Schedule .

3. Download the syllabus of the course that you would like to take. Please take the syllabus with you, and making an appointment or sending email to the advisor in your university to ask whether the credit could be transferred.

4. After receiving the comfirmation, we could start to apply.

(The process of reviewing courses depends on every university's policy.)

Application STEP3

1. Log in your account and fill in the online application form which includes personal information, campus and course selection. Make sure you submit your information after confirmation.

Purchase Fee STEP4

1. After submitting the application form, students need to pay the tuition. When the payment completed, please log in your account, go to the financial center, fill in the payment information then submit it.

Waiting for the start of school STEP5

1. Each student will receive an notification one month before the entry date.